LLS-LFMCWR 2023 No.1

Dataset Editors: Xiaolong Chen, Jian Guan, Wang Yuan

LSS-FMCWR-1.0:Multi-Band FMCW Radar Dataset for Low-Slow-Small Targets consists of a total of 114 entries. The original data format is "dat", and the data format has been converted to the "mat" format. The number of rows in the data matrix represents the number of sampling points in the distance dimension within a single cycle, and the number of columns represents the sampling points of the echo and each data entry contains a data matrix of size . 

The dataset encompasses six distinct types of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data, including DJI Mavic 2 (01), DJI Phantom (02), DJI M350 (03), DJI Matrice 2 (04), DJI M600 (05), and Fixed-Wing UAV (06). These six categories cover various UAV types, each collecting radar echo data under different radar parameter settings at specific distance intervals. The dataset serves both recognition and classification tasks. It boasts features of complex scenarios, diverse categories, and multifaceted tasks.

For guidelines on using this dataset, please refer to the papers titled "LSS-FMCWR-1.0: Multi-Band FMCW Radar Dataset for Low-Slow-Small Targets and High-Resolution Micro-Motion Feature Extraction Method" and "LSS-FMCWR-1.0: Instructions for Utilizing the Multi-Band FMCW Radar Dataset for Low-Slow-Small Targets."

Low-speed Small Probe Dataset

Dataset Editors: Xiaolong Chen Jian Guan

Unmanned aerial vehicles and other 'low-slow-small' targets are characterized by low flight altitudes, slow movement speeds, and small physical dimensions. These attributes result in low observability, imposing high demands on target detection. There is an urgent need for datasets to support algorithm research and engineering applications, enhancing radar target detection and recognition performance. The 'Low-Speed Small Probe Dataset' is planned to be released in various configurations, encompassing different radar systems, a range of parameters, diverse environmental conditions, and various types of targets.

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Data Usage Protocol of Journal of Radars

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