Dataset of Radar Detecting Sea    2022 No.1

Guest Editor: Liu Ningbo test

The current dataset is divided into 3 groups, including 53 radar data and 6 corresponding meteorological hydrological data. For details of the data, you can see the paper "Sea-Detecting X-band Radar and Data Acquisition Program" and "Instructions for the use of sea-detecting radar data".

The current data reference format is as follows:

LIU Ningbo, DONG Yunlong, WANG Guoqing, etal. Sea-detecting X-band radar and data acquisition program[J]. Journal ofRadars, 2019, 8(5): 656–667. doi: 10.12000/JR19089

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Data Usage Protocol of Journal of Radars

The data can be used free of charge for scientific research, teaching and so on, but the data source should be marked in the reference according to the citation format.

Data use for commercial purposes requires permission from the Editorial Department of Journal of Radars.