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Journal of Radars was jointly founded by the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the China Radio Detection and Ranging Industry Association in 2012. It aims to become a high-level academic journal and exchange platform in the field of radar technology, with a dedication to promoting and leading the scientific and technological development of radars. Its international standard serial numbers are ISSN 2095-283X (Print) and ISSN 2097-339X (Online), with the domestic serial number CN10-1030/TN. It is now a bimonthly journal published by Leida Xuebao Bianjibu (Editorial Office of the Journal of Radars).

Journal of Radars lays an emphasis on theory, originality, and forward-thinking. It focuses on radar theories, radar systems, next-generation radars, synthetic aperture radars, etc. and accepts papers in both Chinese and English.

The philosophy of the Journal of Radars corresponds to high-level academics, high-quality service, fast publication, and wide dissemination. Its special services include providing reviews within two months of paper submission. After the acceptance of a paper, the Online First publication is arranged immediately, and the online priority publication is completed within one month.

Since 2013, the Journal of Radars has been successively included in three major domestic core journal databases: Chinese Science Citation Database, Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation Database, and A Guide to the Core Journal of China. It has also been indexed in foreign databases such as DOAJ, JST, Scopus, and EI and has been recognized as an outstanding S&T journal in China.

ISSN: Print ISSN: 2095-283X | Online: ISSN 2097-339X

Subject areas: Electronic technology, Communication technology, instrumentation

Impact: 3.9 CiteScore

Article publishing charge: 300 RMB/page

Publishing timeline: An average of 60 days from submission to acceptance and 30 days from acceptance to publication

Abstracting and indexing:Domestic core journals, DOAJ, Scopus, Engineering Index

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