DatasetinthePaper    2023 No.2

Guest EditorDu Lan, Shi Yu, Chen Xiaoyang

Radar time-frequency spectrogram dataset for gait recognition under multi-view and multi-wearing conditions (MMRGait-1.0) contains the time-spectrogram data of 121 subjects walking along different viewpoints under various wearing conditions. Eight views were collected for each subject, and ten sets were collected for each view. Six of the ten sets are dressed normally, two are dressed in coats, and the last two are carrying bags. Fig. 1 shows the time-frequency spectrograms for eight walking views and three wearing conditions.

The dataset contains two forms of datamatrix and picture. The size of matrix data  is 192×246 and the suffix is .mat. The size of the picture data is 477×429, the format is the three -channel RGB image, and the suffix is .png.



Fig 1  Time-frequency spectrograms for eight walking views and three wearing conditions

For details of the dataset, you can see “The instruction of MMRGait-1.0 dataset.pdf” and the paper “MMRGait-1.0A Radar Time-frequency Spectrogram Dataset for Gait Recognition Under Multi-view and Multi-wearing Conditions”.

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