Researcher Chibiao Ding presided over the Radar and Microwave Vision Sub-Forum and gave a special lecture

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Release Date: 2021-08-18 Visited: 

On April 23, 2021, the " Radar and Microwave Vision Sub-forum and the First Phase of Journal of Radars Lecture" was held at the first "Radar and the Future" Global Summit in Nanjing International Expo Center. Research fellow Chibiao Ding, deputy director of the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, presided over the meeting as the chairman of the sub-forum and gave a special invitation report entitled "Synthetic Aperture Radar Microwave Vision Three-dimensional Imaging".

Research fellow Chibiao Ding compares traditional SAR imaging technology with existing SAR 3D imaging technology.

3D imaging concept based on microwave vision

SAR 3D imaging is an important frontier in the current international radar field

How to reduce the complexity of 3D SAR imaging data acquisition is a sore point.

Synthetic Aperture Radar Microwave Vision 3D Imaging Technology

Research fellow Chibiao Ding shared the state of the "SAR Microwave Vision 3D Imaging" and development trends.

The research group constructed a SAR microwave vision 3D imaging data set. Later, the "Journal of Radar" will be used as a platform to publicize the data set to promote the research of SAR microwave vision 3D imaging theory.

Finally, research fellow Chibiao Ding said that the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) will continue to promote the research on the theory and method of SAR microwave vision 3D imaging theory and make contributions to the innovative application of SAR in the future. It is also hoped that teams from major universities, research institutions, and related companies across the country will work together to jointly promote the development of SAR microwave vision 3D imaging theory and further enhance the application efficiency of China’s SAR system.

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Release Date: 2021-08-18 Visited: