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In order to improve the quality of publications and improve academic standards, this journal implements editorial review, peer review, 

and blind review review systems for incoming manuscripts. Authors are requested to provide assistance. Please pay attention to the 

following matters when submitting manuscripts.

1. Literature check strategy: The editorial department of "Journal of Radars" has passed the double check function of the Academic

 Misconduct Document Detection System (AMLC) of CNKI scientific journals (

The repetition rate of submitted papers shall be reviewed before the initial review and the first online publication of accepted 

manuscripts, and the repetition rate of text is required not to exceed 10%. Articles found to be plagiarized or published repeatedly 

or submitted for multiple submissions will be rejected.

2. Please read the guidelines carefully and ensure compliance with the author’s responsibilities mentioned in the “Publication Ethics Statement” to avoid academic misconduct.

3. When submitting, please give the subject to which the manuscript belongs in the author's message, and please select from the following "common subjects of Journal of radars"; For the special issues, please give the special subject.

4. Please carefully read the “Journal of Radars Paper Format Template” while revising the format of the paper in accordance with the requirements of the editorial department; be sure to contact the department if any point requires further clarification.

5. When making format changes as required by the editorial department, please read the "Journal of radars paper format description" carefully, and be sure to consult the editorial department if it is not clear.

6. Before the acceptance of the paper, please submit the “Copyright Transfer Policy” to the journal’s editorial department (other templates can also be used). At the same time, please confirm the title of the paper and the author names and affiliations (which generally will not be changed after its acceptance).

7. Publishing costs, in order to support open access to publishing, the Journal of Radars charges an article publishing charge (APC), which needs to be paid by the author or his institution, the fund-funded project, etc. The fee is 300 RMB/page. If the author does not have the subject funds to pay layout fees can apply for relief. Application: The author of the communication can be waived upon confirmation by sending an e-mail instruction to the official mailbox of the editorial department of the Journal of Radars.

8. It requires eight weeks on an average for a paper to be accepted after its initial submission, with the review time lasting four weeks on an average. The specific processing flow of the submission is as follows:

Common subjects of the Journal of radars


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